Manas, an artist by nature has always been more keen towards developing and regenerating his music year after year unconditionally. And for him a perfect 'Sa' (the first note) would have been the best award to satisfy his own artist self. And may be this uncompromisable and perfectionist attitude towards music has made him who he calls himself 'Sadasant' – the saint forever.

Awards and acclamations came and made his way bloom with flowers of love affection and respect from all over the world. Some of which are as follows.

Heritage Samman by Heritage World Society , Tower Group (2012)

Sangeet Samman Award, Presented by The Dover Lane Music Conference (2011)

Dishari Award (Twice) — West Bengal Journalists’ Association.

Maharishi Award (1987) — Maharishi world Centre of Gandharva Veda. At U.K. Roydon Hall.

Girija Shankar Memorial Award (1989) — Girija Shankar Smriti Parishad. (President : Sri Biman Ghosh. Chief Advisor : Padmabhusan Sri Jnan Prakash Ghosh) Jadubhatta Award (1995) — Salt-Lake Cultural Association (for his outstanding contribution as Guru in Indian Classical Vocal Music and also his upcoming disciple Sri Subhashish Mukherjee was the recipient of this award as the able shishya.)

Outstanding Citizen Award (2000) — English Teaching Union.

Award for his excellence at 15th Master Dinanath Mangeshkar Sangeet Sammellan — Samrat Sangeet Academy (Goa).

Felicitated by Rotary International.

Felicitated by Dover Lane Music Conference (1992) on his 50th birth-anniversary.

Felicitated by Kotalipara Sammelani (2000)

Felicitated by Samatat for his contribution in the field of Indian Arts and Music.

Lifetime achievement Award from Mohanananda Brahmachari Sishu Seva Pratisthan.